Converge Radio is extremely excited to announce a new, semi-regular feature for on air broadcasts- the Artist Special Feature!

Our first guest is The Nunnery- the project of Eau Claire resident/native Sarah Elstran.  The Nunnery is releasing a new record Friday, January 14th, entitled “Floating Gardens”

The Nunnery begins with one voice, layered upon itself becoming a lush soundscape.

Sarah Elstran is an independent musician that bridges the gap between bright-eyed pop composition and hands-on atmospheric live layering of voice. Her vocal loops give us the kind of detail and wide multi-octave range that we might come to expect from a marquee pop star, while her production decisions continually keep us guessing as to what rabbit holes her tracks might fall into next.

Making the album was an intense two year process.  We talk to Sarah about the challenges of being an artist, a parent, and a citizen of this wide and wild, weird and wonderful world.

It’s a really great conversation- it gets emotional, and it gets fun.

Hear four new songs from The Nunnery and our interview on the station live!

Friday, January 14th at 6pm
Sunday, January 16th at 4pm
101.9 FM in the Chippewa Valley/EC area, or stream from
Floating Gardens is available to stream on all platforms.
For more information, head to:

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